As you approach Monticiano from the Grosseto road you Come upon San Lorenzo a Merse, with its ancient castle and Romanesque church and the little hamlet of Tocchi.

Travelling onwards you reach Monticiano, high up in the heart of a beautiful area, in a valley between the River Merse and the River Farma.
Arriving in the little shop lined square you have no inkling of the attractive small, gated town which lies along the hill top beyond. Recently repaved, the peaceful streets are lined with medieval houses, their window-sills spilling over with flowers. There are breathtaking views over the valley of the Merse. In the Church of Saní Agostino, one of the Augustinianís oldest hermitages, there are frescos by Bartoli di Fredi, Guidoriccio Cozzareli and Giovanni di Paolo.

An enchanting walk leads through chestnut and oak woods to the Abbey of San Galgano, offering magical views of the abbey as you approach through the fields.

To the south lie the ruins of Castellaccio. Monte Quoio rises above. From this 674metre high mount there are magnificent views as far as the sea.